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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh, the possibilities...

It's amazing how life has a way of both giving and taking away at the same time.

This week, for example, I finally got up the guts to commit to a daily schedule for my work time (AKA the girls' nap time). I hemmed and hawed a long time before making myself the promise, because I knew if I made it and didn't keep it, I'd have to despise myself. And really, who needs more of that in their lives? I want this commitment to be strong, steady, passionate--and I want it to last longer than a week. Oh work schedule, I love you! I promise to cherish you for always, to not fritter my time away eating my Valentine's chocolate and playing Facebook games. In return, I hope you'll always remind me that I DO have something specific to do, and thus stave off all nap attacks and attempts at laziness.

You will?!

Ah, bliss.

Unfortunately, the family laptop heard of this new commitment and apparently took offense. In protest, it went to its room and pouted, refusing to come out.

In other words, it died.

We've sent the laptop off to a behavioral specialist, but he tells us it might be cheaper to just get a whole new laptop than correct this one. We're waiting with bated breath to hear the final diagnosis in the next few days. Until then, I'm in computer limbo. Dear Boy must have access to the computer in order to take his 4 online classes, so I (with heavy heart) allowed him to take my beautiful iMac down into the basement den for schoolwork. The den is a fortress of manhood; I rarely breach its precincts. I'm there now, and it smells vaguely like musty cologne--a mix of wet towels (thanks, laundry room) and recently-showered man beast.

Dear Boy will be back in 5 minutes to resume his homework. Ah yes, the crux! I get 30 minutes a day (my own decision) to accomplish everything I usually spend several hours lallygagging around on the computer to finish.

Did I mention that my new work schedule is terribly computer-heavy? Well, if I didn't, I am now.


That probably means that until further notice, all of my blog posts will be whipped out in ten minutes just like this one, with no editing and only a cursory spell check (spelling--pefect; usage? Maybe not so much.). However painful the roadblocks, you can't bail on a potentially perfect relationship after only 24 hours. So, my dear Schedule, fear not, for I shall not abandon thee! Come rain or sleet or snow...

Oh, wrong vow.

Point being, I will make this work. And my 30 minutes just ended. So until next time--

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  1. Your blog is just hilarious to me. You can say the simplest of things to get everyone to understand and live in those moments with you. I love it!!


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