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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Drum roll, please...

Ta da!

Today is the day we officially welcome our newest addition, Butterfly, to the "Into the Wild" staff.

Say hello, Butterfly: 


Now now, child. No need to look so concerned: Everyone here is ready to love you!

...Okay, no. My newest baby girl is not, in fact, Jean Luc Picard. She does, however, bear a startling resemblance to him on occasion.

Case in point: 

Is that the only course of action?

Wesley, you concern me. Greatly.
This rather striking resemblance has lead to her re-christening as "The Captain." The poor child is supposed to be a Butterfly (ironic though the original naming was), and now everyone salutes when she's carried into the room.

Hum. On second thought, maybe Captain describes the utter, complete control she exerts over every person in the house. She can get StrawBee to part with her beloved blanket. She can keep Ladybug's focused attention for ten minutes at a time. And when she yells, Momma and Daddy jump.

Yup. Captain on deck.

Speaking of, I'm being summoned to mess by said Captain. Excuse me, but duty calls. 


  1. That is pretty funny!!! HA!HA!HA!HA!HA! She is a cutie though and much cute than Captain Picard " D

  2. Hehe, babies have ALL the power!


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